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Former Wells Group Client

Joins Wells Group as Interim CEO


Wells Group of New York is pleased to announce the appointment of Matt Weiler as Interim Chief Executive Officer. Weiler brings a wealth of experience to the role, having previously served as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Daily Harvest and Vice President (VP) of Finance at Glossier. 


After a stint in investment banking, Matt has had a distinguished career in operational finance, holding executive roles in the consumer goods and beauty sectors. Specifically, Matt Weiler’s tenure as CFO at Daily Harvest and VP of Finance at Glossier showcased his ability to drive financial strategy, optimize operations, and foster sustainable growth. At Daily Harvest, Weiler was instrumental in scaling the company’s financial infrastructure, supporting its expansion into new channels, and securing significant investment funding. While at Glossier, he played a crucial role in refining the company’s financial processes and enhancing profitability while maintaining a strong commitment to brand integrity and customer experience.


Underlining Matt’s success at these high-growth companies, he worked in various finance and operating roles at Thrillist, Qwiki, and in investment banking at Credit Suisse. In these roles, he developed a keen understanding of strategic financial planning and leadership. His comprehensive background in finance and operational management makes him well-equipped to lead Wells Group through its next phase of growth and innovation. 


“We are thrilled to welcome Matt Weiler as our Interim CEO,” said George Wells, Founder of Wells Group. “Having worked with Matt on the client side of the business at Glossier and Daily Harvest, I have witnessed firsthand his exceptional leadership and strategic acumen. Matt and I have known each other for 10 years, coming up through the ranks together—he at Glossier and I as CFO at Zola. His extensive experience and proven track record make him the ideal person to guide our company during this transitional period. We are confident that Matt’s vision and leadership will propel Wells Group to new heights.”


As Interim CEO, Matt will focus on driving operational excellence and enhancing client engagement. His appointment marks a significant step in Wells Group’s commitment to delivering exceptional value to its clients.

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